For an immediate alert

Visual and audible warning device

Newsteo WRN12, wireless warning device

The WRN 12 can communicate with any kind of Newsteo logger nearby. It will warn local staff in real time.
With its strong 80dB buzzer and its 40 lumen flashing light, WRN12 is the perfect complement of Newsteo smart wireless sensors to inform the local staff when a logger is on the alert. Once alarm is activated, a simple pressure on WRN12 red button stops the sound alarm. The red flashing light will go on until the logger will stop to be in alarm mode (or by software acknowledge).

  • Alert for exceeding the set thresholds
  • Real-time alert for people on site

  • Strong 80dB sound signal
  • Red light with an output of 40 Lumen
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The system installation is very simple:
1. Connect the Newsteo WRN12 to main supply
2. Pairing the concerned loggers
3. WRN12 signals the alarm as soon as a logger detects a problem
4. Press the red button to acknowledge the alarm

Technical specifications of the Newsteo WRN



Power supply

AC adapter supplied

Internal memory

Can be associated to 255 loggers max.


3 LEDs
Radio : the WRN12 receives data transmitted by a logger
Power : the WRN12 is properly powered and / or data processing is underway
Warning : the powerful red light flash if the threshold of one of the loggers is exceeded

Audible alert

A buzzer sounds at the initiation of WRN12 or when it is restarted. If a threshold is exceeded, a powerful 80dB audible alert will sound, a beep every second.


Micro-USB for power supply
SMA for radio antenna

Forced transmission

Place a magnet on the WRN12 to force the transmission of data

IP level



Average weight of the unit: 236g

Electronic housing and components
(without antenna):

Antenna: 38g

AC adapter and cable: 66g

Size (with antenna)


114,00 mm X 82,50 mm X 119,00 mm ( 35,00 mm without antenna)

Transmission mode

Radio ISM 868 MHz

ISM Antenna

1/4 wave antenna (included), can be unscrewed to be replaced by a more powerfull one

Signal range (in free field)

Several hundred meters away, the signal can pass through several walls


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