Wireless transmission for vibrating wires

Wireless sensor for instrumentation

Data Logger with wireless transmission for vibrating wires

The Newsteo Logger LGV41 allows connecting up to 4 vibrating wires for instrumenting a structure. The logger sends the data by radio to a receiving station: GPRS or Ethernet gateway, a PC.

  • LGV41 : data logger for vibrating wires

Compatible sensors: vibrating wire sensors:

  • Extensometer
  • Strain gauge
  • Strain gauge set into concrete
  • Inclinometer
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Where the measurements will be displayed ?

2 choices to create your wireless sensor network:

  • Local single-site solution: you have a small installation (some dataloggers, located near the supervisory position). In this case, the RF Monitor software is appropriate. You install this software on a computer and connect the RF-to-USB Key (radio receiver, provided by Newsteo) to a USB port.

    > More about single-site solution


  • Multi-site solution with remote monitoring: you want to display the measurements of your dataloggers via different PCs located in different sites. The Newsteo Cloud offer allows you to send all the measurements of your recorders to the cloud and access it through a Web application, Webmonitor.

    > More about multi-sites installations

Who uses the Newsteo wireless datalogger for vibrating wires ?

  • Vibrating wires users : move from a wired connection to a wireless connection, safer, faster to install and less expensive

How does it work?

Installing recorders / Data Loggers

Technical specifications of the Newsteo wireless datalogger for vibrating wires

Product type

Logger for vibrating wires




4 inputs (for 4 vibrating wires)
For each input:
– 1 shielding
– 2 wires for vibrating wire
– 2 wires NTC

Input range

300 Hz … 3500 Hz with selectable frequency range


± 1 Hz


0.1 Hz

Sensor power

Sequential powering done by the Logger

Measurement sequence

Sequential measurement of 4 channels

Measurement time

10 minutes (to complete the measurement of the 4 channels)

Memory Capacity

10000 sets of measurements

Measurement securisation

Acknowledgment process between the transmitter and the receiver to ensure that no data is lost during radio transmission
Back-up of the last 32.000 measurements in Logger memory even after transmission to the receiver


1 SAFT LSH14 C-size spiral cell with connector
Accessible and user replaceable battery

Battery life @ 25°C

Up to 1 year for a measurement frequency of 1 hour

Dimensions  (w/o antenna)

Width: 125.4 mm + Type N female connector
Depth: 80.4 mm + Type M12 female connector
Height: 58.80mm

Weight with battery

About 280g


Aluminium casing (4mm)
Fixation support provided screwed in the casing for screwing in 4 points or strapping through 2 holes

IP level


Radio frequency

ISM 868 MHz

Radio range

Up to 900 meters (with supplied antenna)


1/2 wave antenna (included)


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