Concrete instrumentation

Newsteo Builder, Wireless datalogger with temperature and extensometer probe for concrete quality measurement

The concrete quality depends on the respect of the setting and curing of it. Newsteo has developed, in partnership with Lafarge R&D laboratory the Newsteo Builder, a datalogger to install directly in concrete. It allows recording and remotely check the temperature and deformation of concrete in the first hours of the setting and during the following years.
The Newsteo Builder can also be used for diagnosis sulphatic reaction, a concrete pathology.

Integrated sensors:

  • Temperature (reference BLR36)
  • Temperature and strain gauge  (reference BLR37). The strain gauge associated with the product is a coated Vishay gauge specially designed for inclusions in concrete.
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The Newsteo Builder includes temperature and deformation sensors.

It is directly buried (antenna included) into the concrete and it records the corresponding measurements in its embedded memory. When the user wishes, he downloads over the air all the measurements. With the long range antenna, the radio remains operational even under foundations or major works.

As all the measurements are dated, the user gets the complete history of the supervised concrete.

2 versions of the Newsteo Builder are available, with or without the shrinkage sensor.

Technical specifications of the Newsteo Builder, wireless datalogger for concrete

Product reference

PFPN-BLR36-001: temperature
PFPN-BLR37-001: temperature and deformation

Temperature range of measure

-20°C … +80°C

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 0.3°C

Deformation range of measure

BLR37 : -1850 ppm to +1850 ppm for a bridge excitation of 2.7 Volt

Deformation Accuracy

BLR 37 : +/- 0.56 ppm in voltage

Operating temperature

-20°C … +80°C

Measures Frequency

Can be set from 10 minutes to 4 hours

Memory Capacity

32 256 measurements with date and time

Measurement securisation

Acknowledgment process between the transmitter and the receiver to ensure that no data is lost during radio transmission
Back-up of the last 32.000 measurements in Logger memory even after transmission to the receiver


From 5 to 10 years (depending on measure frequency and Operating temperature)


Size D Lithium Thionyle included

Weight with battery



Casing: 132 x 75 x 70 mm
Antenna cable: 5 meters


Made of yielding, tear-proof and unbreakable polyurethane


IP 68
Resistant to dust, to liquid concrete, suitable for continuous immersion in water under static pressure of 6 bar.

Radio frequency

ISM 868 MHz


Evaluate the Newsteo Builder

This kit enables you to estimate the Newsteo Builder.
The kit is made of:

  • A Newsteo Builder with shrinkage sensor (BLR37)
  • A RF-to-USB Key medium-range (¼ wavelength antenna integrated)
  • A CD-ROM containing the installation of the RF Monitor software with USB drivers, the application software of the Logger which enables the restoration of the recorded measures, and the documentation.

Price of the kit: 720 EUR excl. VAT, preparation and shipping costs in addition.