3G Gateway for Newsteo Temperature recorders

Collecteur 3G pour véhicule

3G Gateway for Newsteo Temperature recorders

The 3G Gateway (GAT33) retrieves by radio the temperature measurements made by temperature recorders in a refrigerated vehicule and transmit them in 3G to a distant server.

The Newsteo solution enables the installation of a monitoring solution independant from the rest of the vehicule equipments and is installed in a few minutes.

  • Self-powered temperature recorder placed within the controlled vehicule
  • 3G Gateway placed near the driver, with temperature display and alert if the threshold is exceeded
  • Driver responsibility: real time visualization, alert acknowledgement system
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How does it work ?

  • The Logger equipped with a sensor takes the measure and transmits it by radio to the Gateway,

  • The Gateway transmits the measurements through 3G (cellular network) to a central database,

  • A real-time alert can be sent anywhere to the supervisor,

  • The supervisor can access at any time to the measures, via Internet

Displaying of the measures from the database

  • The web application Webmonitor:

    – Thin Client solution, simply connect to the website www.newsteo-webmonitor.com and to authenticate
    For more information  on Webmonitor

Newsteo GAT33 3G gateway technical specification

Reference/ Name

PFPN-GAT33-001 : Radio – 3G Gateway, for vehicule

Internal memory 

60000 measures
Enables to stock measures in the collector, in case of transmission cut with the server (network loss…)

Transmission mode  

Gateway – Server

3G (GSM network)

Transmission mode

Gateway – Recorders

Radio ISM 868 MHz


Vehicule supply

Average consumption 

30mA for 12V

IP level



Approximately: 80 mm (height) x 125mm (width) x 22mm (depth)

Data transmission

The Newsteo Gateway communicates with the remote Newsteo Webserver in ‘point-to-point’ mode, which limits the risk on the network itself. Newsteo has implemented the SSL protocol (port 443) to securize the data between the Gateway and the server.

The Newsteo Gateway product runs on a private operating system and does not use Linux or any other public OS. So, apart from the limited capabilities to communicate with Newsteo remote server, the Gateway does not contain any other generic network functions that would permit to enter Customer’s internal network through the Gateway.


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