Shock and temperature with GPS localisation

Multi sensor GPS tracker

Shock data logger with temperature and GPS localisation – Newsteo Tracker TRP55

The Newsteo Tracker TRP55 is a shock data logger that measures, records and locates shocks or temperature change during the transportation of goods.

  • Temperature measurement at regular intervals, with time stamp and GPS location
  • Measures instantaneous speed and inclination, with time stamp and GPS location
  • In case of shock, measures intensity of shock on 3 axis from -16g to + 16g with time stamp and GPS location
  • TRP55 : GPS shock recorder

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Functionning of the shock data logger

Shock Data Logger TRP55

After having configured and activated the Newsteo Tracker TRP55, simply fix it in the container, truck, box… before it leaves. The Newsteo TRP55 Data Logger continuously measures various parameters and stores corresponding measures. Upon arrival, the measures are wirelessly downloaded on PC, through the package of the good: no need of opening the package.

The journey made by the goods are materialized on a map, on the software installed on the PC.
A PDF report is created and allows you to view all the measures taken by the Tracker TRP55.

Who uses the Newsteo shock data logger?

  • Fragile freight carriers: inform your customers of the transport conditions of their merchandise
  • Owners of the goods: the Newsteo Tracker is a shock snitch which will inform you of the conditions of storage and transport of your goods

Display of data on a Map

  • Visualization of regular events of the parcel
  • Visualization of shocks, with time stamp and vehicle speed at impact
  • Visualization of points with temperature thresholds overlap
  • Indication when the vehicle is stopped for several hours

Installation and operation of the Newsteo Shock Data Logger

Technical specifications of the Newsteo Tracker TRP55

Product type

Shock data logger with localisation



Operating temperature

-40°C … +60°C

Temperature sensor

-40° … 85°C
Accuracy: ± 0.3°C  [-30°C … 70°C] ± 1°C outside this slot
Resolution : 0.1°C

Shocks (3 axis)

-16g … +16g
Accuracy : ± 0,5g
Resolution : 14 bits – 3.9 mg
Bandwidth : 1600 Hz


Positioning: resolution better than 5m, and up to 2m, depending on GPS signal quality
Ground speed: from 0 to 155 km/h, resolution of ± 5 km/h.

GPS sensitivity

-162 dBm

Measures frequency

Can be set from one measure every minute, to one every 4 hours.

Memory capacity

129 000 mesure blocks, one shock using 3-4 blocks (corresponding to 1 record campaign of 2 years, with one temperature measure every hours and 20000 shocks).

Measurement securisation

Acknowledgment process between the transmitter and the receiver to ensure that no data is lost during radio transmission
Back-up of the last 129.000 measurements in Logger memory even after transmission to the receiver

Data historic files

Secure measurement report compatible with PDF or EXCEL
See a sample report

Power supply

Supplied batteries: 3 x AA Alkaline batteries 
Other compatible battery: 3 x AA Lithium Thionyle  3.6V

Automatic power saving mode

If TRP55 remains stationary, the GPS acquisition frequency automatically decreases and then increases autonomy

Autonomy with Alkaline battery

General characteristics

Ambient temperature

Operating Temperature Range

‐10 °C … + 50 °C

Autonomy @25°C

Typical: 1.5 months
(up to 3 months if the GPS transmission quality is good)

Autonomy with lithium thionyl batteries

General characteristics

Wide Temperature

Operating Temperature Range

-40 °C … +60 °C
(up to 85°C peak but the enclosure can be damaged)

Autonomy @25°C

Typical: 3 months
(up to 6 months if the GPS transmission quality is good)


140 x 97 x 33 mm

Weight (batteries included)



Plastic ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate)

IP level


Transmission Frequency:

ISM 868 MHz


Find out more

This kit enables you to estimate the Newsteo Tracker TRP 55.

The kit is made of:

  • A Newsteo Tracker TRP55
  • A RF-to-USB Key medium-range (¼ wavelength antenna integrated)
  • A CD-ROM containing the installation of the RF Monitor Premium software with USB drivers, the application software of the Tracker which enables the restoration of the recorded measures, data localisation, and the documentation.

Price of the kit: 750 EUR excl. VAT, preparation and shipping costs in addition.