RF Monitor Gold

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Software and radio receiver for multi – site

RF monitor gold kit

RF Monitor : the convenient powerful MMI tool

The Newsteo RF Monitor gives the opportunity to remotely configure and control the distant wireless Newsteo products.

Software versions:

  • RF Monitor Premium: for single-site installations. The loggers communicate to a PC, the measurements are displayed only on this PC.

  • RF Monitor Gold: for multi-site installations. Several Loggers networks are created. Each system communicates to a PC that transmits the measurement to a central database. From anywhere in the world, it is possible to connect to the database to check the measurements. This consultation is possible with free software DB Monitor.
  • CFR 21 part 11 option: available either on the Premium or Gold version, the CFR option adds a module for a complete tracking of each action done on the software.
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Mains characteristics of the software

RFM PremiumRFM Premium CFR21RFM GoldRFM Gold CFR21DM Monitor
ReferenceRFM10RFM40RFM20 RFM30
LicenseIncluded in RF-to-USB Premium KeyIncluded in RF-to-USB Premium CFR21 KeyIncluded in RF-to-USB Gold KeyIncluded in RF-to-USB Gold CFR21 KeyWithout license
Setting of the Logger parametersXXX X
Displaying of the measurements with features to sort them, to generate and print graphicsXXXX
Automatic PDF report sending via e-mailXXXX
Measurement storage in a local data baseXXXX
Alerts LogXXXXX
E-mail alert in case of logger alertXXXXX
Calibration toolXXXX
Range tester toolXXXX
CFR21 part 11 option: log of all the actions done through the software (setting, alerts…)XXX
Measurement storage in a remote data base shared between several sitesXX
Remote access to the displaying of the measurements of the remote data baseXXX
Management of different users with different levels of rights, access with passwordXXXX

Multi-site solutions

RF Monitor Gold : Supervision of several sites through a single interface

Software license

  • The software license is included in the RF-to-USB Gold key. It is necessary to plug the Key to communicate with the products and to transfer the measurements to the shared data base.
  • However, even if the key is not connected, it is always possible to view the measurements of the shared database with the free DB Monitor software.

Has all the features of RF Monitor Premium software (Logger configuration, radio diagnostics …)

Shared remote data base

  • All workstations equipped with RFM Gold access to all data stored in the database, including data from other sites
  • All PC equipped with RFM Gold receive measures from the Loggers and send them to a centralized database
  • From anywhere in the world, thanks to DB Monitor software provided for free, it is possible to consult the database

Users management

  • Management of the rights of each user
  • Authentication password
  • Alerts log to track incidents and add comments

DB Monitor Software

  • Free software, that can be used without RF-to-USB Key
  • Allows displaying of the measurements of the central database
  • Integrates features to sort measurements, generate and print graphics


  • Visual and audible alerts if the thresholds are exceeded
  • Real-time alerts by e-mail

PDF reports

  • With a few clicks, set the automatic generation of PDF reports and receive them by mail every day, week or month, with RF Monitor Gold

CFR21 part 11 option

Title 21 CFR deals with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines on electronic records and electronic signatures in Pharmaceutical industry. Part 11 defines the criteria under which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered to be trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to paper records.
CFR21 version of the Newsteo RF Monitor software allows being conformed to this standard.

RF Monitor Gold CFR21 software

  • The software license is included in the RF-to-USB key Gold CFR21

  • Has all the features of RF Monitor Premium software (shared remote data base…)
  • Multi-users management :
    – Management of the rights of each user
    – Authentication password

  • Alerts log on each action done on the software, possibility to track incidents and add comments

Lower required configuration for RF Monitor Gold

For the reception PC

  • CPU 1GHz – RAM 500MB
  • Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Win7 32 and 64 bits, Windows 8, Windows 10 (not compliant with a virtual machine)
  • 10MB available hard disk
  • 1 USB slot

For the server

  • Server: WINDOWS SERVER 2008 (recommended), but also compliant WINDOWS 7 PRO. No other Windows or Linux OS supported

  • Database hosting*
base COL

*Depending on the number of loggers that communicate with the database and their frequency, this graph is used to evaluate the size of the database. The evaluation is given for use for a year. After one year, it is possible either to save and delete measurements, or to continue using the same base which size will continue to grow in the same proportions.