The temperature in real time during transport

Real-time transmission and location

Newsteo COS91, temperature recorder, GSM transmission (cellular network) and location

The temperature box is a robust and autonomous temperature recorder that ensures the traceability of the cold chain during the transport of sensitive goods. It is particularly suitable for tracking in leased vehicles, not equipped with a permanent system.
The information is transmitted in real time by GSM – GPRS (cellular network) and displayed in the Webmonitor web application.

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How does it work?

The Temperature Box is placed with the goods in the transport truck. Every 10 minutes, it measures the temperature and every hour, it transmits to the Newsteo server, by GSM, the temperatures measured and its current location.

You can easily view this data by logging into the Newsteo Webmonitor web application. In real time, locate your goods and receive personalized alerts based on the temperature thresholds of your choice.

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Technical specifications of the COS91 Temperature Recorder with GSM

Product type

Temperature recorder with GSM transmission and location

Newsteo Reference


Operating temperature

-40…+85 °C

Temperature sensor

-40° … 85°C
Accuracy: ± 0.3°C [-30°C … 70°C], ± 1°C outside this range
Resolution : 0.1°C


Done by software, based on information about cell towers that the GSM module can detect.

Effective inside trucks and buildings

Displayed through Google Maps.

Measurement interval

Temperature : 10 minutes

Location: 1 hour


3.75V Li-Ion 5300mAh

Battery life

6 weeks

Battery charger

Rechargeable battery

Supplied with its charger


300 x 200 x 200 mm

IP level


GSM Modem

GPRS (2.5G) Modem

SIM card

Standard SIM card

GPRS Transmission Frequency

1 hour

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