Chopin Technologies officially announces that its silothermometry activity, known under the name of Serdia, is being taken over by its partner Newsteo.

Newsteo is a french pioneer of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The company designs and produces a range of data loggers and radio transmitters that allow to turn any kind of sensor into a wireless one.
CHOPIN is a company specialized in the process and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours and their derivatives.

Since 2006 Newsteo and Chopin Technologies have been working together to offer an innovative wireless solution for temperature monitoring in the grain silos in ATEX zone. Newsteo provides Chopin Technologies with its radio transmission platform, then Chopin integrates it to its temperature sensors and market the full solution. Thanks to this architecture, the time required for the setting and maintenance of the temperature monitoring system is strongly lessened: no cabling through the silos’ site, no deterioration in time due to storms or rodents…

Today, Chopin Technologies wishes to focus on its core business and hands on the silothermometry activity to Newsteo.

« We wished to guarantee our customers that the activity is being pursued and this is how we naturally addressed Newsteo, who we have been working with success for 13 years. The two Serdia key employees will join Newsteo, who will keep on improving our current customers’ solutions » highlights Marc Doligé, President of Chopin Technologies..

« It is a great opportunity for Newsteo. “The Serdia solutions are very well-appreciated by the users, explains Philippe Guènebaud, Newsteo’s President, Thanks to our IIoT expertise, the Serdia customers will benefit from new offers as of September 2019. »

Indeed, Newsteo will gradually enrich the silothermometry offer: long-distance monitoring option, display in the cloud, the silos’ state, real-time alert by text messages or emails in case any problem occurs, and finally, the possibility for integrators to extract the measures via a Modbus protocol on IP.

Newsteo will exhibit at the Vrac Tech 2019 fair in Le Mans from the 1st to the 3rd of October.