Vialto and Newsteo are proud to announce that they have deployed a reliable and unrivalled temperature traceability solution for temperature-controlled transport of health-related products.


Newsteo, the precursor of the Industrial Internet of Things‎ (IIoT), a French designer and manufacturer of connected sensors, and Vialto, the French leader in healthcare products logistics, developed the Vialto Track solution for traceability and real time alert for temperature monitoring during storage, transport and delivery of health packages.


The solution now equips the cold rooms and the entire fleet of Vialto’s vehicles (formerly TSE Express).

  • The vehicles are equipped with 3 temperature sensors for the 3 insulated compartments. These sensors communicate by radio to the driver’s cabin where temperatures are displayed on a dedicated screen. Thus, the driver can react immediately in case of problem.
  • The most sensitive parcels are additionally equipped with their own wireless temperature sensor to monitor not only the temperature during transport in Vialto’s vehicle but also during other logistic activities (delivery man handlings and preparation).
  • All temperature measurements are collected and sent via 3G network to the remote database of the logistics centre at Vialto to ensure the complete cold chain traceability for all transported parcels.
  • At each delivery, the recipient connects to a dedicated interface and visualizes the temperature curve corresponding to the routing of his parcel.

Michel Mayoud, Director of Information Systems, says: “Newsteo has shown an outstanding adaptability to match our requirements. After a first year of development and already a year of operation, we’ve reached a 99.6% average rate of transmitted measurement with a monthly volume of nearly 9.7 million temperature measurements”. “The Vialto Track solution is the most advanced in our competitive field and has, among other things, enabled us to meet the high requirements of the French Blood Establishment (EFS) for the cold chain traceability ” adds Jean-Remy Rougier, Managing Vice-Director of Vialto .


Philippe Guenebaud, President of Newsteo, adds: “Newsteo was already very active and successful in temperature monitoring systems for temperature controlled transport. It is a logical consequence for us to work with Vialto, the spearhead of Star’s Service Group. We are very pleased to provide them with an efficient, complete and homogeneous solution to monitor all types of temperatures, as low as -80°C and up to vehicle ambient temperature.”