Newsteo Partners

Newsteo is a hi-tech company, investing in innovation. Its expertise is recognized through its commitment to different clusters and participation in projects approved by them. In addition to its R&D team, Newsteo has released several partnerships with renowned universities and engineering schools.


Competitiveness clusters

pole solutions

Secured communicating solutions cluster

Newsteo is a member of the consortium developing the Smart Immo project, funded by the French state. The project objective is to reduce operating costs and energy consumption in commercial buildings by automating their operation.



The Com4Innov Telecom Platform aims to make available to market participants wishing to develop or validate new products, services and telecom infrastructure, along with development, test and evaluation tools.

It will focus on two areas that are innovative and converged: “networks and mobile services of the future” and “applications, components, networks and M2M Communicating Objects” by integrating multiple technologies such as mobile broadband (4G/LTE), links collection networks, high speed wireless, multimedia application infrastructure , mobile TV, mobile devices, next generation gateways, wireless sensor networks and short-range communicating objects, a connection to the environment PlanetLab. The Telecom Platform will also provide the appropriate tools and methods of experimentation.

Newsteo is part of the founding members of the platform and brings its solutions to wireless low power sensor networks.
Other partners include: 3Roam, Ericsson, IQsim, Monaco Telecom, Orange, ST Ericsson, One access…


Terralia Cluster

The TERRALIA Cluster forms part of an integrated ‘from seed to plate’ sectoral process for the three sectors concerned (seeds and plants, agricultural production, agri-food industry first and second-stage processing and distribution) with the European and global leaders present at all levels of the value chain.
Within the cluster, Newsteo highlights its wireless monitoring and traceability

RFID National center

The CNRFID was set by the end of 2008 by the French Minister of the Economy, Industry and Employment; in order to ease the development and use of RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification).

Newsteo was a member of this association since its creation until 2011.

Institutional partners

BPI France

Banque publique d’investissement (literally [French] Public Investment Bank) is a French investment bank. It was a joint venture of two public entity.

French minitry for Higher education and research

Every year, the National Contest for Innovative Technical Projects is organized by the French Ministry of Research.

Newsteo has won 2 times this contest: in 2005, in “Emergence” category and in 2006, in “Creation & Development” category.

PACA-EST Incubator

Located in both Sophia-Antipolis and Toulon sites, the PACA-EST INCUBATOR, formed by prestigious founders like CNRS, INSERM, INRA, Ecole des Mines, European Funds… accompanies Innovative Technical Projects carried by high-tech start-up.

Arrived at the end of its incubation in June 2007, Newsteo thus left the structure

PACA region

Newsteo is supported by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.

European social fund

Newsteo is supported by the European Social Fund.

Métropole Aix-Marseille Provence

Newsteo is supported by Aix-Marseille Provence Métropole.

Partner schools


School of Engineering – Research laboratory Contactless Cards (Toulon – 83)

Polytech’Nice – Sophia

Device conceptual modeling (UPnP devices)

Université Marne la Vallée

Research laboratory

Université de Nice

CNRS & Polytech’Nice-Sophia
Research Group
“Wearable Computer”

Kedge Design School

Design school