29 11, 2018

How can you be sure to make the right choice for your temperature recorder?

2019-02-21T15:31:14+00:0029 November 2018|Technical advantages|

Temperature recorders are very useful in numerous sectors and for multiple trades. It’s a challenge to be comprehensive when presenting the possibilities of applications and professions that use them, but what’s certain is that depending on the case, the products to deploy are not the same. Who uses temperature recorders? [...]

13 11, 2018

3 tips for a successful installation of your communicating devices

2019-02-21T10:17:27+00:0013 November 2018|Technical advantages|

So now what? You have just received your first Newsteo IoT kit. Whether you have bought the kit for temperature and/or humidity measurement, and whether you need to install it inside a refrigerated enclosure or on a bridge, the procedure is the same. To get off to a good start, here are the 3 [...]

17 09, 2018

Brexit, Temperature excursions and the Pharma/Bio industry.

2018-09-17T14:34:24+00:0017 September 2018|Event|

The global supply chain of medicines and healthcare products etc. is regarded as a storage area by the industry regulators. . We often define these products whether pills, blood, tissue, organs… into two categories: Ambient (Room Temperature) and cold chain. We all know and appreciate the consequences of temperature excursions and the ‘fatal’ consequences it [...]

29 08, 2018

Characterisation of a temperature-controlled vehicle

2019-01-02T12:13:57+00:0029 August 2018|Technical advantages|

La caractérisation d’un véhicule sous température dirigée Newsteo a mis au point une solution permettant à tout gestionnaire d’un parc de véhicules réfrigérés d’effectuer une caractérisation de ses utilitaires ou camions de transport. Il s’agit de vérifier le bon fonctionnement du système de réfrigération, en tout point du véhicule. [...]

22 08, 2018

The World of Logistics is Changing…

2018-08-23T17:00:06+00:0022 August 2018|News, Technical advantages|

The World of Logistics is Changing... The world of logistics is changing; the technological advancement in industry is evolving into a more sophisticated arena, which is also pushing the logistics world to accommodate the Industrial 4.0 dream. If you’ve not heard of Industry 4.0 you soon will. ‘Industry 4.0’ makes reference [...]

28 06, 2018

Newsteo opens 2 sales offices in Germany and England

2018-06-28T09:34:36+00:0028 June 2018|Event|

As announced in 2017, Newsteo continues its international expansion with the opening of two first commercial offices abroad: an office in England, which will market Newsteo products on Ireland and the United Kingdom and an office in Germany, for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The goal for Newsteo is to be always closer [...]

26 06, 2018

Newsteo at DGS PACA meeting

2018-06-26T11:14:56+00:0026 June 2018|Event|

Newsteo will be present on July 5, 2018 in Saint Raphael, at the Regional Congress of the PACA Services General Directors. At this congress, Newsteo will exhibit Newsteo connected sensor solutions for public authorities: Ensure traceability and alert for the management of the cold chain in catering (canteen ...), in accordance with HACCP methods [...]

28 03, 2018

Monitoring of DHW pipe temperatures

2018-05-03T14:34:52+00:0028 March 2018|Technical advantages|

The Newsteo solution to prevent the emergence of Legionella. The decree of 1 February 2010 relating to monitoring of Legionella in the production, storage and distribution of domestic hot water requires monitoring rules to prevent the emergence of Legionella. This decree concerns institutions receiving the public (health institutions , retirement homes, hotels and tourist [...]