Calibration service for temperature and humidity recorders

The purpose of calibration is to verify the accuracy of a measuring device. The general method is to use the device in parallel with a standard, and verify that the produced measurement fits to the expected value. If it is not the case, correct the adjustment of the instrument (calibration).


This can be done by the user himself using the tools freely provided by Newsteo.

calibration newsteo

However, if the calibration is related to the submission to certain standards or quality constraints, it may be necessary to have a higher level of certification such as COFRAC or DAkkS. In this case, a metrology laboratory is required. Also note that a certificate may have a limited validity according to the customer’s application or standards requiring regular renewals.

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Newsteo metrology service

Newsteo offers calibration service, COFRAC or connected COFRAC, for all its temperature and / or humidity data loggers. To learn more about our offer, please contact us.

  • Calibration in line with a temperature standards (COFRAC certified) performed in the Newsteo metrology laboratory
  • Temperature COFRAC Calibration performed by a partner’s metrology laboratory
  • Humidity COFRAC Calibration performed by a partner’s metrology laboratory

Calibration time

When operations are performed in Newsteo internal laboratory, immobilization time is very short (few days).