Wireless counting pulse

Industrial wireless sensor

Newsteo Data Logger for impulse sensor

The Newsteo Logger LGS39 allows you to connect any type of impulse sensor (flowmeter, rain gauge…). The Logger sends by radio to the supervision centre all the measures done by the sensor. The logger can also store the measures in its embedded memory.

Products references:

  • LGS39: wireless transmission and measurement system with impulse sensor interface
  • Connction cable: the client can connect the sensor of his choice.

Sensors to connect:

  • Rain gauge
  • Flowmeter
  • Gas meter, remote metering
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Where the measurements will be displayed ?

2 choices to create your wireless sensor network:

  • Local single-site solution: you have a small installation (some dataloggers, located near the supervisory position). In this case, the RF Monitor software is appropriate. You install this software on a computer and connect the RF-to-USB Key (radio receiver, provided by Newsteo) to a USB port.

    > More about single-site solution


  • Multi-site solution with remote monitoring: you want to display the measurements of your dataloggers via different PCs located in different sites. The Newsteo Cloud offer allows you to send all the measurements of your recorders to the cloud and access it through a Web application, Webmonitor.

    > More about multi-sites installations

Who uses the Newsteo datalogger with impulse interface?

  • Pulse sensor users: move from a wired connection to a wireless connection, safer, faster to install and less expensive
  • Gas meters: Perform real-time meter readings remotely.

How does it work?

Installing recorders / Data Loggers

Technical specifications


Logger for Impulse sensor



Impulse frequency

0 to 10 Hz

Minimum pulse duration

20 ms

Commutation type

Dry contact or CMOS 0-3.5V

Operating temperature

-40°C … +85°C

Temperature measurement

Integrated temperature sensor

Measurement frequency

Can be set from one measure every second to one every 4 hours

Memory Capacity

Up to 32 768 measurements with date and time

Measurement securisation

Acknowledgment process between the transmitter and the receiver to ensure that no data is lost during radio transmission
Back-up of the last 32.000 measurements in Logger memory even after transmission to the receiver

Sensor connection

Through connector available on the top of the logger
>  Newsteo connection cable


AA Lithium Thionyle (3,6V) included, special design with plug to maintain the battery
Accessible and user replaceable battery
Optional: dual battery pack to double battery life


Up to 3 years (at 25°C with a frequency measure of 15 minutes)

See Battery life estimation


98mm x 64mm x 34mm

Weight with battery




IP level


Radio frequency

ISM 868 MHz

Radio range

Up to 900 meters (with supplied antenna)


1/2 wave antenna (included)

Connection cables for data logger


  • Cable to connect the sensor of your choice to the LGS.
  • The cable is provided with fast contactors.

Evaluate the Newsteo logger with impulse sensor interface

This kit enables you to evaluate the Newsteo Logger with impulse interface.
The kit is made of:

  • A LGS39
  • A cable SES55 to connect the sensor of your choice to the LGS
  • A RF-to-USB Key medium-range (¼ wavelength antenna integrated)
  • A CD-ROM containing the installation of the RF Monitor software with USB drivers, the application software of the Logger which enables the restoration of the recorded measures, and the documentation.

Price of the kit: 500 EUR excl. VAT, preparation and shipping costs in addition.