Shock ± 16G and temperature

Multi sensor shock recorder

Newsteo Tracker, shock recorder and data logger for transport conditions monitoring

The Newsteo Tracker is a shock recorder that can measure and record for 2 years the conditions of carriage of goods. It includes the recording of temperature, humidity, light and shocks (on 3 axis) as well as free fall height. It also indicates the duration of the shock and its energy. All actions are time stamped so you know when an abnormal event has occurred.

Several references of the Newsteo Tracker are available:

  • TRE35 : shock up to 16g, temperature and free fall height

  • TRE37 : shock up to 16g, temperature, humidity and free fall height

  • TRE38 : shock up to 16g, temperature, humidity, light and free fall height

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Having configured and activated the Newsteo Tracker, just fix it in the container, truck, box… before it leaves. The Newsteo Tracker continuously measures various parameters and stores corresponding measures. Upon arrival, the measures are wirelessly downloaded on PC, through the package of the good.

Who uses the Newsteo shock recorder ?

  • Fragile freight carriers: inform your customers of the transport conditions of their merchandise
  • Owners of the goods: the Newsteo Tracker is a shock snitch which will inform you of the conditions of storage and transport of your goods

Installation and operation of the Newsteo

Shock recorder


Technical specifications of the Newsteo shock recorder

Product type

Shock recorder



Operating temperature

-40°C … +60°C

Temperature Sensor

TRE35 :
-40° … 85°C
Accuracy : ± 0.3°C, from -30°C to 70°C
± 1°C outside this slot
Resolution : 0.1°C
TRE37 & TRE38 :
-40°C … +85°C
Accuracy : ±0.2°C from 0°C to 60°C
Resolution : 0.015°C


TRE35: no Humidity sensor
TRE37 & TRE38 :
0 to 100% rH
Accuracy @23°C : ± 1.8% [0…80% HR] Resolution : 0.03% rH


TRE35 & TRE37: no light sensor
TRE38: 0 … 220 Lux
± 30 Lux

Shocks (3 axis)

-16g to +16g
Accuracy : +/- 0,5g
Resolution : 14 bits – 3.9 mg
Bandwidth : 1600 Hz

Measures Frequency

Can be set from one measure every minute, to one every 4 hours.

Memory Capacity

129 000 measurements blocks, one shock using 2 blocks (corresponding to 1 record campaign of 2 years, with one temperature measure every 15 minutes and 29000 shocks).

Measurement securisation

Acknowledgment process between the transmitter and the receiver to ensure that no data is lost during radio transmission
Back-up of the last 129.000 measurements in Logger memory even after transmission to the receiver

Data historic files

Data compatible with EXCEL or encrypted PDF files
View a report sample


The TRE is delivered with 1 x Thionyl Lithium Battery, type A, with connector.
The TRE also includes a battery holder, in which a 1.5V alkaline battery type AA / LR6 can be put. The use of this battery will not reduce the product’s performances, but only the autonomy (1 year then) and the operating temperature (-10°C to + 50°C).

Autonomy @25°C

2 years (with the supplied Thionyl Lithium, type A battery)


10 x 56 x 27 mm

Weight with battery



ABS Plastic

IP level


Transmission Frequency:

ISM 868 MHz

Radio range

100 meters in free land


Find out more

This kit enables you to estimate the Newsteo Tracker TRE 35.
The kit is made of:

  • A Newsteo Tracker TRE35 16g
  • A RF-to-USB Key medium-range (¼ wavelength antenna integrated)
  • A CD-ROM containing the installation of the RF Monitor software with USB drivers, the application software of the Tracker which enables the restoration of the recorded measures, and the documentation.

Price of the kit: 530 EUR excl. VAT, preparation and shipping costs in addition.