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Wireless temperature and humidity datalogger

Newsteo offers a range of radio transmitters and recorders (dataloggers) for measuring temperature, humidity and dew point.

  • Newsteo LOG20 , LOG22 & LOG25: small compact recorders and radio transmitters for measuring temperature and humidity. Ideal for indoor use.
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  • Newsteo LGR64temperature and humidity wireless recorder with sensor flush with the case. Ideal for use in a harsh environment and / or condensing atmosphere.
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  • Newsteo LGR32 + probe : recorder and radio transmitter for temperature and humidity. The sensor is placed at the end of a probe, which is itself connected to the housing.
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Main characteristics of the temperature and humidity data loggers






LGR32 + probe

Measurement range

-40°C … +70°C
0 … 100 %HR

-40°C … +85°C
0 … 100 %HR

-40°C … +125°C
0 … 100 %HR

Condensing atmosphere

Not suitable for a use in condensing atmosphere

Compliant with a use in condensing atmosphere

IP level




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