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Tempmate, USB temperature recorder and temperature indicator

  • Tempmate i1: disposable temperature indicator. With 3 LEDs on the product, you know if the set temperature has been respected or not. This indicator does not record the measurements and does not generate a report.
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  • Tempmate S1: single-use temperature recorder. The Tempmate S1 records during 110 days the temperature. At the arrival of the package, simply connect it to the USB port of a PC and download the measurements. PDF & CSV files are automatically generated.
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  • Tempmate M1: USB temperature datalogger with display. Very easy to use, it records the temperature at regular intervals. The battery can be changed by the user. The measurements are downloaded via USB to the PC.
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USB temperature recorder

Main characteristics of the Tempmate recorders

Tempmate I1


Tempmate i1
Temperature indicator

Tempmate S1
Temperature recorder

Tempmate M1
Multi-use temperature recorder

Product type

Single-use indicator

Single-use datalogger

Multi-use datalogger

Measuring Range

–20 °C … 50 °C

–30°C … +70°C

–30°C … +70°C

Data transfer

No download

Automatic download, without software
PDF & CSV (Excel) reports

Automatic download, without software
PDF report

Protection Class




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