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Wireless receiver for PC

The Newsteo radio receiver for PC : RF to USB key

This USB device connects to the USB port of a PC and communicates with all Newsteo radio data loggers.

  • RF-to-USB key is delivered with Windows drivers
  • Once driver first installed, the RF-to-USB key behaves as a plug’n’play standard removable device
  • USB 1.1 high speed (USB 2.0 host compatible)
  • The RF-to-USB key is marketed with the measurement display software: the RF Monitor software
  • Powered by PC (no internal battery)
  • 1/4 wave antenna. The 1/4 wavelength antenna of the key is screwed thanks to a SMA connector. It is very easy to connect other types of antenna to increase range: see Newsteo antennas.

  • Up to 800 m coverage in free space and up to 5 concrete walls with metallic structure penetration
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