The gateways between radio data loggers & ethernet or 3G networks

Ethernet - 3G

Ethernet or 3G Gateway: the gateway between the radio data loggers and the Webmonitor web application

The Newsteo Gateway allows remote collection, through Ethernet (IP) or 3G (GSM network), of data coming from several Newsteo data loggers, and storage on a remote secured server.

The Newsteo Gateway exists in several versions, for indoor or outdoor uses, with a main power supply or solar panels supply.

  • PFPN-CUB22-001 : Indoor Ethernet/Wifi Gateway, main power supply

  • PFPN-GAT43-001 : Indoor 3G Gateway, main power supply. Has a screen for easier installation.

  • PFPN-GAT33-001 : 3G Gateway, 12V cigarette lighter socket, for vehicles. Has a screen for easier installation and display of measurements.

  • PFPN-COL51-001 : Outdoor GPRS Gateway, solar panel power

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How does it work?

  • The Data Logger equipped with a sensor takes the measure and transmits it by radio to the Gateway,

  • The Gateway transmits the measurements through Ethernet or 3G to a central database,

  • A real-time alert can be sent anywhere to the supervisor,

  • The supervisor can access at any time to the measures, via Internet

Displaying of the measures from the database

The web application Webmonitor:

  • Thin Client solution, simply connect to the website

Technical specifications


PFPN-CUB22-001 : Indoor Ethernet/Wifi Gateway

PFPN-GAT43-001 : Indoor 3G Gateway

PFPN-COL51-001 : Outdoor GPRS Gateway

Internal memory

PFPN-CUB22-001 : 128 000 measurements

PFPN-GAT43-001 & PFPN-COL51-001 : 60 000 measurements
Can store the measurements in case of loss transmission with the server (ADSL cut, loss of GPRS network …)

Transmission Gateway – Server

Transmission mode

PFPN-CUB22-001 : Ethernet (IPv4 – 100Mbps) & Wifi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
PFPN-GAT43-001 : 3G
PFPN-COL51-001 : 
GPRS (2.5G)

GPRS antenna

PFPN-CUB22-001 : Not applicable

PFPN-GAT43-001 :On board GSM antenna

PFPN-COL51-001 : On board GPRS antenna (not visible)


PFPN-CUB22-001 : ADSL subscription managed by the customer

PFPN-GAT43-001 & PFPN-COL51-001 : cellular network subscription + SIM card managed by the customer or supplied by Newsteo

Transmission Gateway – Datalogger

Transmission mode

Radio ISM 868 MHz

ISM radio antenna

PFPN-CUB22-001 : External antenna included
The antenna is provided with a magnetizable foot and a thin 3 meters cable. It can easily be re-positioned to optimize radio range

PFPN-GAT43-001 :  Full wavelength antenna supplied

PFPN-COL51-001 : High-range full wavelength antenna

Radio range

PFPN-CUB22-001 &  PFPN-GAT43-001 : Several hundred meters, can pass through several walls

PFPN-COL51-001 : From 1 to several kilometers

Power supply

PFPN-CUB22-001 : AC power connector

PFPN-GAT43-001 : AC power supplied, AC adapter included

PFPN-COL51-001 : 1 individual solar panel, with 3 Lithium Ion 12Ah reloadable batteries.

Battery life @25°C : 14 days without sun (a weak luminosity is enough to reload the battery).

IP level

PFPN-CUB22-001 & PFPN-GAT43-001 : IP30

PFPN-COL51-001 : IP67


PFPN-CUB22-001 & PFPN-GAT43-001

Data transmission

The Newsteo Gateway communicates with the remote Newsteo Webserver in ‘point-to-point’ mode, which limits the risk on the network itself. Newsteo has implemented the SSL protocol (port 443) to securize the data between the Gateway and the server.


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