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What are the 10 rules to follow for a successful installation?2019-12-17T16:55:19+01:00
  • Test the devices and your settings before installing on site
  • Put antennas vertically
  • All Newsteo devices must be on the same radio channel
  • Avoid using channel 1
  • Place antennas more than 20 cm from any obstacle
  • Use monitoring mode (except exceptions)
  • Check radio range with RFmonitor software
  • Choose a measurement period longer than 1 min to save the battery
  • Hibernate the data loggers when you’re not using them
  • Change the battery under 40%

> Download the 10 golden rules

How to improve the radio range of my installation?2019-12-06T16:17:07+01:00
  • Put antennas vertically
  • Make sure there are no obstacles within 20 cm of the antenna
  • Put the antenna of the CUB on a magnetic medium
  • If it’s not enough, contact Newsteo to switch to a larger antenna
How to run radio range tests with RFmonitor software?2019-12-06T16:12:51+01:00
  • Set the measurement frequency of the data logger to 10 seconds
  • Progressively move the data logger away from the USB radio receiver
  • As soon as the ? appears in the transmission column of RF monitor software is that you lost the radio signal
Should I choose Recording Mode or Monitoring Mode?2020-01-22T09:32:56+01:00

In general, always favor the Monitoring mode

  • If you use the recorders with the webmonitor application and a gateway, you must choose the monitoring mode.
  • If you use the recorders with the RFMonitor software, you have the choice between the two modes
  • If you are using trackers (TRE) choose the recording mode
  • The recording mode has the advantage of generating a campaign report in PDF format
Which sensors can I connect to Newsteo radio data loggers?2019-12-06T16:05:23+01:00
  • All 0-10 volts, 0-2.5 volts, -5volts + 5volts sensors  can be used with Newsteo recorders
  • All 4-20 mA sensors can be used with Newsteo recorders, but these sensors must be powered by an external power supply.
  • You can also use potentiometric sensors, dry contact relays, on-off or impulse sensors
What is the battery life of the Newsteo data loggers?2019-12-06T16:03:06+01:00

The battery life varies according to product references. It is at least 2 years under normal temperature conditions, with a measurement period higher than 10 minutes and can be up to more than 5 years.

I use RF Monitor, I do not get any more measurements from my data loggers. What should I do?2019-12-06T15:59:57+01:00
  • Put the USB radio key on channel 1, without security key
  • If possible, move the data logger closer to the USB receiver and pass a magnet on the data logger
  • Remove and replace the battery
  • Put a new Newsteo battery
I use Webmonitor, I do not get any more measurements from my data loggers. What should I do?2019-12-06T15:55:20+01:00
  • If it is possible, move the data logger closer to the gateway (CUB, COL …) and pass a magnet on the data logger. Press once on the ACK button on the back of the collector (for COL) or press the joystick (CUB), wait 20 minutes and check on Webmonitor that your measurements appear.
  • If the measurements do not appear, change the battery of the data logger and repeat the test above
  • If you do not have physical access to the data logger, use the RFmonitor software and connect the Newsteo USB radio key.
  • Check that you are connected to the recorders on the RFMonitor software

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