Measurement display & audible warning

Multiloggers universal display

Newsteo DIS, display & sound alarm for Newsteo loggers

The Newsteo DIS provides a simple solution to display measurements of a data logger network: located within radio range of the wireless data loggers, the DIS30 displays the last measurement taken by each of them. If an alert occurs (temperature over the thresholds, battery end of life…), the alert is automatically shown on the screen and an audible alert sounds. The user must acknowledge the alarm to stop it.

The DIS30 can be added at any time to an existing installation. The measurements are still stored in the data loggers or transmitted in real time to the receiving station (RF Monitor, GPRS or Ethernet Gateway …).

Universal Display is available in two versions:

  • DIS30: with AC power, for indoor use
  • DIS31 : with 12 Volt power, for use in a vehicle such as a refrigerated truck

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Technical specifications of Newsteo Display


PFPN-DIS30-001: display with AC power

PFPN-DIS31-001 : display with 12 Volt power

Managed loggers

Can be associated up to 12 loggers
Compatible with wireless data loggers for temperature and humidity measurement

Power supply

DIS30: Main supply adapter included
DIS31: Supplied with a remote external terminal block to connect to the power supply (adapter not included)


DIS30 version for indoor use: aluminium square to set it on a horizontal surface
DIS31 version for use in a vehicle: system to paste the DIS 31 to the windshield

IP level


Dimensions (w/o foot)

Width: 125mm

Transmission mode

Radio ISM 868 MHz

ISM Antenna

Internal antenna

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