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Alarm relay for PC

Newsteo Relay, to transmit alarms to external devices

The Newsteo Relay is a relay that can transmit an alarm detected by the RF Monitor software to another alarm equipment.
This product allows connecting any alarm device, such as: a telephone warning system, an emergency rotating light, a siren …

The Relay is compliant with the whole Newsteo range.

  • Alert for exceeding the set thresholds
  • Weak battery alert

  • Radio transmission problem alert
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The system installation is very simple:
1. Connect the Relay to a USB port of the monitoring PC (PC on which the RF Monitor software is installed and on which the RF-to-USB Key is connected to)
2. Connect the external alarm device to the Relay
3. In the RF Monitor software, set the alert type that will be transferred to the Relay

Technical specifications of the Newsteo Relay

Operating mode

PFPN-RLB21-001 : toggle (bistable)

PFPN-RLA21-001 : active security *


Operating temperature

-20°C … +70°C

Power supply

Supplied by the USB connection

Maximum tension of reception on the connectors

240 V

Maximum current of reception on connectors



1 relay with 3 poles : 1 Normally-open (NO), 1 Normally-closed (NC) and 1 Common.

* The active safety model switches the common position on the alert automatically in case of component failure or electrical blackout

IP Level



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