Increase the radio range of your system

Radio relay for NEWSTEO loggers

Newsteo Repeater, radio relay for newsteo wireless products

Communication between Newsteo radio products and reception center (PC with RF-to-USB key) can sometimes be perturbed by obstacle or too high distance. The Newsteo Repeater will be installed mid-way, acting as radio relay for all products out of radio reach.

Two references are available:

  • Inside building use: with a conventional AC power.

  • Outside building use: with a conventional AC power.

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The installation is very simple: once the products installed and started, the radio communication is automatically configured without user intervention. The radio product, depending on its position, either directly communicate to the PC or through the Repeater.

Technical Specifications

Type of product

Radio Relay


PFPN-RPT20-001 : Radio relay powered on main power
PFPN-RPT30-001 : Waterproof Radio relay powered on main power

Operating temperature

– 40°C … +85°C


RPT20 & RPT30 : Main current (220 Volts) with 5V adapter


Full wavelength


RPT20 & RPT30 : Unlimited


RPT20 & RPT30 : 0,5kg

IP Level

RPT20 : IP50

RPT30 : IP65

Radio frequency

ISM 868 MHz

Total RF Signal Range

RPT20 & RPT30 : (PC – Repeater – logger)
Several hundred meters, can pass through several walls

A repeater can double, or even tenfold, the radio range of the loggers, but it causes higher consumption on the loggers used in monitoring (due to latency and transmission times with the receiver). In general and on average, it is recommended to divide by two the autonomy of the loggers (which go through the repeater to transmit). Consequently, when it is possible, it is always better to use a large antenna (full-wave grounded ideally), rather than a repeater in your applications.


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