29 12, 2020

[La Provence] Coronavirus: the vaccine is in France

2021-01-14T09:55:55+01:0029 December 2020|Press|

Newsteo is quoted in an article from the newspaper "La Provence" which deals with the latest news from the French vaccination campaign. Philippe GUENEBAUD, President of Newsteo talks about our -80 ° sensors already used for the transport of straws or organs. I will let you read the article in its entirety on Provence here [...]

10 02, 2020

[Contrôle-essais-mesures] New resistant and waterproof radio temperature data logger

2020-02-24T15:43:18+01:0010 February 2020|Press|

The LOG86 last Newsteo temperature data logger, offers you exceptional performances. It is resistant, waterproof and provides a wide radio range. It allows the supervision of all types of heat-sensitive products (vaccines, labile blood products, etc.) in the health sector but also in the food industry for the management of the cold chain. [...]

3 10, 2019

[Le journal du vrac] Newsteo takes over a part of the Chopin technologies’ activity

2019-10-04T11:45:54+02:003 October 2019|Press|

The newspaper "Le Journal du Vrac" publishes a full article about the silothermometry activity taken over by Newsteo. > Click on the image to read the full article (In French).

27 09, 2019

[Les échos] Why did Newsteo take over Chopin’s silothermometry activity?

2020-02-24T10:58:24+01:0027 September 2019|Press|

Les Échos magazine addresses the acquisition of the silothermometry branch of Chopin Technologie (Serdia) by Newsteo and details the reasons. A very interesting article that you can discover here.

26 06, 2019

The CUB12 on the Web

2019-07-15T11:11:35+02:0026 June 2019|Press|

The PEI web magazine (Industrial Equipment Products) that highlights the latest products and technologies also mentions our Gateway, the Newsteo CUB12. This ethernet / wifi gateway's screen allows you to check measurements, set programs, alerts and much more ... Discover the product's documentation Read the PEI Magazine's article

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