IoT Pioneer Newsteo commemorates 15 years in business

On 15 October, Newsteo will celebrate its 15-year anniversary. Based in La Ciotat, the company designs, manufactures and sells industrial Internet of Things solutions: wireless connected sensors that send their measurements to a monitoring software program in the Cloud. Its applications are broad, and include cold chain monitoring of healthcare products during transport, instrumentation for structural works that use crack measurement devices or inclinometers, grain silo temperature control, and even hygrometry monitoring of exhibit halls at the Louvre Museum.

Newsteo also develops tailor-made IoT products according to a clients’ specifications. Through this offer, Newsteo has worked closely with large French industrialists to deploy a unique solution for measuring engine consumption for preventive maintenance purposes, for example, or to supply impact and pressure recorders for monitoring the transport conditions of fragile goods.

« Even before the term IoT was invented, we were already linking up sensors that communicated measurements to a monitoring software program via radio. In 15 years, we’ve modernised our solutions, set up an exceptionally effective monitoring software program on the web, and have also improved quality by opening an internal temperature calibration laboratory that’s been EN 17025 accredited by COFRAC », says Philippe Guènebaud, Newsteo President and co-founder.

In 2020, despite the health and economic situation, Newsteo projects a slight increase in its annual sales. Next year, Newsteo is banking on significant growth, which will be based on a rise in demand from large accounts for products dedicated specifically to customer needs.