truck temperature monitoring

Telematics companies and Temperature monitoring companies are the perfect industry partners for each other. Understanding Temperature measurement is a science upon itself, as is Telematics. It is inevitable the incorporation of goods monitoring within Telematic systems will become an industry standard. Especially when we look at the challenges of the end user.

The challenges

If you are a temperature-controlled freight carrier – from food to high value pharmaceuticals, from cosmetics to industrial chemicals – then you’ll know the new challenges facing your business.

  • The Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Act is making food, chemical, medicines safety laws more stringent.
  • The EN12830 standard, which specifies temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive goods
  • Customers are more discerning about the quality of cargo they receive.
  • Refrigeration units are increasingly complex.
  • Specifying new trailers almost requires a degree in thermodynamics.
  • Cargo values are increasing year on year.
telematics problem

In reality, transporting refrigerated products is becoming a science. Only carriers who approach it as such will prevail in this industry in the future. Being caught delivering a cargo at the wrong temperature quickly spirals into costs so significant for the carrier that they far outweigh the invoice value of the job in the first place. When a load is rejected:

  • The carrier has to compensate the shipper for the value of the spoilt cargo by direct financial payment or through an insurance claim.
  • The cargo has to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner which can be expensive for the carrier.
  • If an insurance claim is paid out, the carrier faces an increase in insurance premiums for years following the claim.

But the most significant cost is the damage to the carrier’s reputation. Losing one’s reputation as a quality service provider can result in loss or reduction of future business. Reputation with a customer is built slowly – but it can be lost instantly by one spoilt load.

What Newsteo can provide

Newsteo provides easy adaption and integration of our temperature probes into telematic systems via Radio Frequency. This allows Telematic companies to future proof their service offering, whilst staying competitive and potentially increasing income.