The Newsteo solution to prevent the emergence of Legionella.

The decree of 1 February 2010 relating to monitoring of Legionella in the production, storage and distribution of domestic hot water requires monitoring rules to prevent the emergence of Legionella.

This decree concerns institutions receiving the public (health institutions , retirement homes, hotels and tourist residences, campsites, etc.). To be compliant with this decree, the operators of these buildings must carry out monthly temperature monitoring and annual sampling on a certain number of points of the facility.

In this context, Newsteo offers a complete solution to set up monitoring, traceability and a warning system for the measurement of domestic hot water temperature.

Our solution

  • Newsteo wireless temperature recorders are placed in the areas to be monitored.
  • Their sensors are specially studied to be installed on the pipes (exchanger inputs, loop).

newsteo tracking
  • The user configures each device, measurement frequency, and the upper and lower thresholds for each sensor.
  • The temperature recorders send each measurement by radio frequency – ISM band 868mHz – to a radio gateway, which sends the measurements over the Ethernet or GPRS network.
  • The Gateway (or Collector) sends the data to the Newsteo Secure Platform
  • Via the Newsteo Webmonitor web application, the user connects to the data and can:
  1. Access the measurements as a listing or a chart
  2. Modify on-the-fly the configuration of the recorders
  3. Receive real-time alerts by email or SMS if the set thresholds are exceeded

Why choose Newsteo?

  • The temperature monitoring requirement is fully automated. No more manual, tedious or forgotten readings!

  • Installation of the Newsteo temperature recorders is done without interruption of service or any need to cut the water or drill the pipes.

  • Installation can be retrofitted without the need to add specific wiring: the recorders are autonomous (powered by their battery) and the transmission is wireless, which overcomes the constraints of the existing network installation.

  • Newsteo provides a calibration chart to integrate the thermal resistance of the pipe. The pipes are not always uniform, even within the same building. The pipes can be thick or thin and made of various materials (galvanized steel, copper, pvcetc.).

    Newsteo integrates a calibration formula into its temperature measurement that allows  transmission of the actual water temperature and not that of the pipe, which is insignificant in this case.

  • Radio transmission of the recorders to the gateway is at 868 MHz. This radio frequency has several advantages:

    • It is distinct from other radio frequencies (in particular WiFi and Bluetooth) that can be found in a building. Even if these networks are saturated, the temperature control system remains operational.
    • It allows an excellent radio range, even within a building. In addition, Newsteo can provide radio relays if the area to be covered is too large.
  • Data transmission from the gateway to the secure Newsteo platform can be done by 2 modes, which each have their advantage:

    • Transmission via the building’s Ethernet network: does not cost extra;
    • Transmission via GPRS network with a GPRS Gateway + SIM card: requires a GPRS subscription (cellular subscription), but is independent of the computer network.
  • The Newsteo solution does not require special maintenance. The recorder batteries need to be changed approximately every 3 years. Newsteo can also provide long-lasting battery packs, allowing an upgrade to 5 years of battery life.

  • Data storage is fully digitised.

    Data are available on the web application In case of an inspection, the operator can provide in a few seconds the temperature recording of his facilities.

  • If there is a problem with the facility, such as a too high or too low temperature, the maintenance manager receives an immediate alert. He can react before these temperature variations lead to a risk of developing Legionella.

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