Characterisation of a temperature-controlled vehicle

//Characterisation of a temperature-controlled vehicle

Characterisation of a temperature-controlled vehicle

Newsteo has developed a solution allowing any manager of a refrigerated vehicles fleet to carry out a characterisation of its commercial vehicles or transport trucks. This allows to check the proper functioning of the refrigeration system, at any point of the vehicle.

This solution was developed mainly for our customers who work in the transport of health products. Indeed, the good practices guides for the transport of labile blood products or for the wholesale distribution of drugs for human use impose to control the temperature to which these elements are transported.

Different temperature levels are needed. Very often, vehicles incorporate 3 compartments, maintained at 3 temperatures:

  • Ambient temperature: + 15 ° C to + 25 ° C. Many drugs are transported at this temperature.
  • Positive refrigeration: + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C, for the blood transport, some vaccines…
  • Negative cold at -30 ° C

Characterisation of a vehicle according to the FD X15-140 standard

Newsteo proposes an original offer allowing a rapid characterisation of temperature controlled vehicles and at a very competitive cost, in accordance with the FD X15-140 standard. The FD X15-140 standard details the operations to be performed for the characterisation and verification of climatic chambers. It also applies to vehicles.

The following points are verified:

  • homogeneity
  • stability
  • setpoint deviation
  • indication error (if any, when an indicator is present)
  • door opening

The process

Newsteo provides the customer a characterisation kit, containing 16 temperature probes with wireless transmission and 1 Gateway or Modem that will collect the 16 probes measurements and send them over the cellular network to the Newsteo’ server.

With this system, Newsteo remotely assists the customer’s technician:

  • With this system, Newsteo remotely assists the customer’s technician:
  • He starts the probes
  • Newsteo remotely checks the progress of operations and publishes the final characterisation report

Benefits of the Newsteo solution for characterisation

  • Very competitive price
  • The customer chooses when he wants to launch the characterisations, and therefore when he immobilizes the vehicle
  • Very fast process, possibility to parallelize the tests by using several characterisation kits

But above all:

  • You are in compliance with the recommendations for the transport of health products
  • You meet the quality requirements of your customers
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