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The company Pâtes Lanza, established since 1950 in the South of France, produces fresh quality pasta with a traditional know-how.

It now offers a wide range of guaranteed products of French origin always with the desire to restore authentic aromas. Pastas are elaborated respecting a rigorous selection of the raw materials, bringing them maximum flavors for our greatest pleasure.

Quality, flavor and know-how are there!

enregistreur de température newsteo

Temperature data logger with internal sensor

collecteur de données newsteo

Ethernet Gateway


The Company called on us because it needed communicating sensors to measure and record the temperature in its cold rooms and delivery trucks.

For this, all installed temperature recording devices must comply with the NF EN 12 830 standard (standard that determines the performance of temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of refrigerated, frozen, quick-frozen foodstuffs. and ice creams).

To comply with this legislation, we have proposed to our customer to equip with LOG 36 temperature data loggers, EN12830 certified, and having in addition a long radio range , allowing it to communicate throughout the warehouse of the company.


In the food storage warehouse, 7 temperature recorders were installed. Each of them in a cold room. These data loggers record cold room temperatures every 10 minutes (frequency set by the customer) and transmit them to the Ethernet Gateway COL 22, placed in the warehouse. It collects data and stores it on the cloud.

The client can then view all the temperature recordings in real time using our Webmonitor software, in the form that suits him (graph, table …) and save them safely.

This online software has a double advantage:

  • allowing the customer to externalize its database and thus back up its data online without risk of losing them
  • this is not necessary to dedicated a computer to collect data. The data collection is managed by the Ethernet Gateway

Similarly, 2 temperature recorders were installed in each truck. These data loggers record temperatures throughout the journey and transmit them to the gateway when the trucks arrive at the warehouse.

newsteo agro-alimentaire
chaine du froid agro-alimentaire



Evolution of instrumentation over time, the customer was able to add sensors as and when needed


Robust and durable product

Long battery life = peace of mind


Avoids product losses = fast ROI


No lost measurement

Secure data on the cloud

Dedicated storage space


Real time control

Measures archiving


Automatic report sent by email

Data available on smartphone


Testimonial of Olivier Méloyian, Director of Pasta Lanza

Mr. Méloyian gives us his opinion on the use of his temperature recorders in his factory.


newsteo chez pate lanza

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